[SOLVED] Problem : Could not connect to server: connection timed out (0x0000274c/10060)

I have a problem when I tried to remote PostgreSQL Server (in Linux Centos) from my PgAdmin Client (in Windows), there’s an error message displayed on screen said “could not connect to server: connection timed out (0x0000274c/10060) is the server running on host and accepting tcp/ip connections on port 5432?”

I checked my firewall status with :
systemctl status firewalld

Condition : Not Normal

It said that my firewall status was Active: failed. From here I’m sure there’s problem with my firewall process, because if the firewall stopped successfully, the status will be inactive like this image below :

Condition : Normal


After tried many solution, I ended-up with this one :
systemctl unmask firewalld

Next step after run unmask syntax, I tried to restart my firewall and it runs flawlessly :). Hope this thread help you guys.

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